I wanted to comment and congratulate you on bringing up an issue that I’m sure the RIAA is going to start screaming about at any time now. I’m sure they don’t appreciate losing the money on the potential sale that you did in place of them. Anyway … your experiment brings up an issue that has bugged me for a while now about purchasing songs on the internet. What happens when I amass a large collection then all of the sudden my hard drive decides to take a dump. Currently no service out there allows you to go back and retrieve every file out there that you downloaded from them without repurchasing it again. That’s personally kept me from buying music online. Even if I do have a full backup of my collection windows media player stores the license information internally so if you rebuild your system or have to replace your drive you lose the access to your collection anyway since the player can’t verify the license. I think the RIAA has jumped the gun with their whole music sharing file swapping we want to make money thing without providing us as “legal” users a means to protect our collections. I’m sticking to CD’s and DVD-Audio for now.