Josh – I don’t see why that’s so stupid. It’s a valid thing to consider. People can trade CD’s being the first purchaser and they can sell them too. Why can’t I sell my digital license? I think it sounds in the beginning like a good idea – but I also think it gives companies a LOT of control on your digital media. What if Apple goes bankrupt? Who’s going to run the server so I can play my music? What if I buy $10,000 of music and want to sell my old stuff. I have hundreds of CD’s I’ve collected since the early 90’s… should I not have the same thing eventually with digital media?
I think there are actually some really serious questions that nobody in Americorp Worldwide Domination are able or willing to answer. I don’t think the Retarded Ineffective Audio Association are interested in solving them either – they’re all about greed and profiteering.