Like the title says, I’m still trying to get rid of this crappy song. The song is still Double Dutch Bus by Devin Vasquez, but since eBay won’t let us determine a fair market value for the song I’ll go ahead and give it away. I need to find someone that has iTunes 4, preferably someone with an iTunes Music Store account. I tried contacting the bidders but all the ones I got in touch wouldn’t be able to play it or weren’t interested. Must be willing to do a bit of work on their end to receive the song. Go ahead and let me know if you’re interested.
[Update 2003-09-08 9:42 PM] I’ve got someone to transfer the song to.


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  2. What a world. First we have a private-organization that has “rights” that the government doesn’t even have to scan your “private” property, and then we can’t sell property that we have legitimately “bought” because it’s in a digital format. Property rights? Do they exist in the digital world — apparently not! Lots of luck on this issue. Stephen needs to get a clue. It’s going to be a BIG issue in the future. What’s next another quasi-governmental group scanning our harddrives looking for something, anything they can make more money on? What’s to stop publishers from scanning for “illegal” PDFs? What happens if I copyright my e-mail and it is “illegally” forwarded? Do I have to right to scan/subpoena anyone so I can claim my rights as the copyright holder?

  3. Take a chill pill Alan. You’re being a paranoid schizo.
    Regarding my comment You’re a non-issue, I was refering to Dr. Davis’s cnet link. In which, Apple states that digital music reselling is a non-issue.

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