I will be speaking at the PHP Users Group Meeting tonight on the subject of RSS. It’s going to be 2/3 RSS and 1/3 PHP, so even if you’re not a PHP person you would do well to come by and learn about RSS. I suspect there might also be some informal discussion on digital copyrights. Also, Mark Kimsal will be presenting a new tool he developed at Tap Internet called PBDO. PBDO is an XML driven object builder that allows a developer to build complex database objects that automatically take care of “CRUD” (create, read, update, delete) principles for handling data with MySQL.
From the meeting announcement:

Meeting will start at 8:00 with Pizza and drinks a little after 7:00.
We’ve relocated into our new office located in the Key Bank building in
downtown Ypsilanti located on Michigan Ave. More detailed directions
can be found here:

The meeting is graciously hosted by Tap Internet in their new offices in Ypsilanti, MI. An RSVP is requested to michael (at) tapinternet.com

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