Ryta’s Bloc recounts the hilarious and heart-warming tale of a Polish immigrant’s attempts to form her own group of Socialist states in Western Pennsylvania during the Second Great Hula Hoop craze of the early 1980s.
Pining for the Soviet-style oppression of her homeland, dowdy Ryta Wochalsowski (Olympia Dukakis) is inspired by a vision of Karl Marx to collectivise local farms and take back the nearby steel plant for its workers. From there, a mapcap politicisation of the proletariat ensues, climaxing in Ryta’s Bloc seceding from the USA after a side-splitting face to face encounter between Ryta and Ronald Reagan (George Foreman). Along the way Ryta falls in love with penniless poet Andrei (Lance Bass in a comic tour de force) and defeats American imperialist aggression in what must be the slapstick scene of the year!
Wednesdays 8:30, only on the History Channel and VH1