wRi(gh)ters’ Block will keep you laughing till Christmas! Thrown together by fortune, a Madison Avenue copywriter (Ted Danson), a gun-toting Right-wing extremist (Bea Arthur) and a Wright Brothers and powered flight obsessive (Tom Bosley) all discover their shared interest in trying to block controversial European trade tariffs that threaten to destroy the US gyrocopter industry. In the first episode a misunderstanding causes to Arthur’s character to spray the Dutch parliament with machine-gun fire before her wise-cracking eleven year old daughter (Ashley Olsen) points out that violence is not the way to solve our problems. Meanwhile Danson and Bosley experience a homoerotic awakening after being trapped in a cargo container overnight. Wacky yet completely intellectually non-threatening rWri(gh)ters’ Block will reassure you that everything is OK…no need to worry..it’s fine.
Tuesdays, 8:30 only on BBC America and the Gyrocopter Channel