The show focuses on a hollywood plumber, desperate to break into the industry. Fortunate enough to find a rejected script blocking someone’s plumbing he makes a killing selling the idea, and becomes an international writing star. (i.e. he can just about afford his rent.) However now he’s stuck with the problem that he has to continue to create material for the series he spawned.
In desperation he tries to find, write, or in other ways create some new scripts before the ones he submitted run out (at the end of the current series of the show). Meanwhile he falls for the lead actress in the show, and his overbearing mother who’s always on at him to make something of his life, is so pleased he finally managed to that she’s boasting of her son’s fame and fortune to all and sundry.
Of course while all this is happening the original author of the scripts discovers his show is being aired, and is, to put it mildly… a tad miffed.
Will he be able to get some new scripts in time? Will he be found by the original author of the series?
Will he get it on with his new love?
Will his mother ever shut up?
All this and more will be answered in the fantastic new show “Writer’s Block”