Coming to the home of Star Trek, “Urban” Sitcoms, and Rasslin’ is this fall’s sure-fire hit:
Ritter’s Black
In the pilot episode, guest star John Ritter (Three’s Company, 8 Simple Rules…) plays himself being given a VIP-tour of a secret military lab for his birthday (think James Brolin and the Komodo incident). In a brilliant bit of physical comedy, Ritter falls into a piece of lab equipment and–FOOM! is played for the rest of the season by Tim Ried (Sister Sister, WKRP).
What follows is a fish-out-of-water, on-the-run-from-the-government, inside-look-at-the-kooky-world-of-entertainment laff-fest with Tom Poston (Newhart) as the inept general hunting Ritter down, Faith Ford (Murphy Brown) as Ritter’s long-suffering Hollywood wife, Queen Latifa (Living Single) as Ritter’s wisecracking secretary who is suddenly attracted to his new form, and introducing Ben Gutz as Ritter’s 5-year-old son, whose mugging for the camera will melt your heart. The studio audience goes wild whenever he yells to his father in that squeaky little white-boy voice, “Word up, daddy!”
Ritter’s Black will not only tickle your funny bone, but will tackle some serious issues, too. Can you imagine what hilarity ensues when Ritter tries to hail a cab? Or when he runs into Suzanne Summers? And in a recurring role, LeVar Burton (Star Trek the Next Generation) plays a scientist torn between changing Ritter back and teaching him to live as a black man in today’s topsy-turvy world.
Be sure to tune in Mondays at 8:30 and possibly Wednesdays at 8 and 8:30 for bonus repeat showings when the show in that time slot doesn’t work out.