I hear that the guy who wrote Fast Food Nation still eats at In ‘n Out burger. I’ve never been to one, they don’t exist in southeast Michigan, but after seeing this guy attack his burger I don’t know that I ever could eat there. There’s a lot of images, but holy crap I’ve never seen such a thing in my life.
To think, if the Intarweb didn’t exist we never would have seen this. This Intarweb, she is a bitch goddess.

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  1. Gerard Jeronowitz says:

    I live in AZ and we just in the last two or so years started having “In ‘n Out” appearing. When they first opened there were lines around the block, and filling mall parking lots just for people waiting to get a burger.
    I finally had one just a few months ago, the place was close to where my wife and I were shopping at the time and we were hungry. The short of it is that it was the absolute worst burger we’ve ever eaten.
    The beef patty is like 2oz (it seemed to me). The buns they use are nothing spectacular, they have a very raw flour taste, and the amount of “toppings” they put on (despite my ordering catsup only), are probably 5x the volume of the actual meat patty. They could probably leave out the patty and most people wouldn’t notice.
    The burger itself was overcooked on one half to the point of being crunchy, and the other half was just “really well done”.
    And someone REALLY needs to tell the cooks there that you shouldn’t just cut a potato and then deep fry it. It’s supposed to soak in cold water for at least 10 minutes to get rid of the starch on the exterior of the slices, that way they don’t stick together when cooked, and you get a nice crunchy fry.
    For the price, any of the “big 3” places are better tasting and a better value. For my money though there’s nothing better than a burger grilled over an open mesquite fire, even when it costs me $6 at my favorite burger joint in Tempe.

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