Taking place at a hyrdoelectric power plant, our cast of characters poke fun at racial injustice, problems in government, and bodily functions.
Our cast consists of Oded Fehr(Deuce Bigelow, The Mummy) as the Iranian employee who is often joked about by other employees. Oded is opposite Jennifer Tilly, who busty moves cause Oded minor workplace stress, and add to the sexual tension in the office, often diffused by that loveable scamp Mel Smith(Morons From Outer Space), whose accent and silly British ways amuse the audience. Other characters include the triumphant return of Louis Gosset Junior playing the foreman, Jennifer Gray, playing the spunky hollywood actress living next door.
Gray often comes by to visit, joking “Can I borrow a cup of energy please”.
Other faces include Sherman Hemsley as “The Meter Reader”, whom everyone fears and whose face is always obscured by his clipboard.
Comedy ensues as this cast of veteran actors come together this fall on UPN.