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High Voltage

OK, it’s time to play the Sitcom Pitch Game! If you don’t know how it’s played, I come up with a sitcom title, and you give me a synopsis of the show. Bonus points are awarded for casting the show, coming up with a catch phrase and putting it on the correct network.
The preferred entry method is for you to write it up in your weblog, then trackback to this page. If you don’t have a weblog, go ahead and post it in the comments below.

5 responses to “Sitcom Pitch Game!”

  1. Davidissimo says:

    Taking place at a hyrdoelectric power plant, our cast of characters poke fun at racial injustice, problems in government, and bodily functions.
    Our cast consists of Oded Fehr(Deuce Bigelow, The Mummy) as the Iranian employee who is often joked about by other employees. Oded is opposite Jennifer Tilly, who busty moves cause Oded minor workplace stress, and add to the sexual tension in the office, often diffused by that loveable scamp Mel Smith(Morons From Outer Space), whose accent and silly British ways amuse the audience. Other characters include the triumphant return of Louis Gosset Junior playing the foreman, Jennifer Gray, playing the spunky hollywood actress living next door.
    Gray often comes by to visit, joking “Can I borrow a cup of energy please”.
    Other faces include Sherman Hemsley as “The Meter Reader”, whom everyone fears and whose face is always obscured by his clipboard.
    Comedy ensues as this cast of veteran actors come together this fall on UPN.

  2. Duane says:

    Coming soon to the WB:
    Retired pro wrestlers using elective electroshock treatment to control their ‘roid induced fits of rage discover that their therapy has given them SUPERPOWERS!
    “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
    Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
    “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

  3. What kind of trouble can a pot smoking electrician’s apprentice get into?
    I would probably set this in the 70s. The main character (Joe Voltage) doesn’t want to go to college, so he takes a job as an electrician’s apprentice. And he smokes a lot of pot. And it’s hilarious.

  4. Otterpop says:

    Look out, the Voltage family is moving in next door this season! NBC puts a twist on the term “nuclear family” as the zany Voltages move from their home near the Hoover Dam power plant to Anytown, USA. Meet Sam Voltage, father of the family and the breadwinner at the local nuclear power plant, and his lovely wife Pamela, a stay at home mother. Their children include smart-talking Lucy Voltage, the loveable and comedic 5 year old, and Steve Voltage, the angsty and hip teenager.
    Pam has her hands full as she discovers that years of living near a power plant has given then entire family super powers! Can the Voltages hope to live a normal life? Will their nosy neighbor Wilbur Fairbanks catch on to their secret? Find out this fall on NBC! Sounds like a recipe for hilarity!

  5. Scott says:

    A serial killer is sentenced to be killed for his crimes against humanity. At the last minute he is given a stay of execution when an extremely rich (and hilariously eccentric) billionaire pays to have him released on one condition. He has to be his butler. It’s high society meets lethal voltage this summer. Tune in for the comedy that will leave you wondering….why did this guy pay to have a serial killer be his butler?
    (F you….it’s not EXACTLY the same as Seinfeld)

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