It’s not often that people who don’t use a piece of software complain about a missing feature more than people who do use it. Jenny grumbles about how my away message in iChat never sends an auto-response, and she’s not the only one. iCAR fixes this iChat omission, and it’s released under the GPL. The install went fairly well but I had to exit and restart iChat before the PreferencePane would show up in iChat’s preferences. (via Duane)

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  1. Publicity? Acceptance? Speak more of these foreign things

    This is a story about how my meager code-slinging attempts got publicity on a blog known as nothing less than 90% Crud…

  2. I think iCAR is not the real iChat AV auto responder.
    It is only for changing the status message of iChat.
    I made real “iChat AV Auto Responder” and it is working every day to check iChat AV video chat is available or not in each environment.
    You can contact “” by video chat.
    And the iChat AV Auto responder answers your call for 30 seconds.
    It accepts video chat and returns text chat message ( in Japanese). I made “iChat AV Auto responder” in August 2003.
    But I don’t distribute it.

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