iChat Auto Responder

It’s not often that people who don’t use a piece of software complain about a missing feature more than people who do use it. Jenny grumbles about how my away message in iChat never sends an auto-response, and she’s not the only one. iCAR fixes this iChat omission, and it’s released under the GPL. The install went fairly well but I had to exit and restart iChat before the PreferencePane would show up in iChat’s preferences. (via Duane)

3 thoughts on “iChat Auto Responder

  1. Publicity? Acceptance? Speak more of these foreign things

    This is a story about how my meager code-slinging attempts got publicity on a blog known as nothing less than 90% Crud…

  2. I think iCAR is not the real iChat AV auto responder.
    It is only for changing the status message of iChat.
    I made real “iChat AV Auto Responder” and it is working every day to check iChat AV video chat is available or not in each environment.
    You can contact “tsunagaru@mac.com” by video chat.
    And the iChat AV Auto responder answers your call for 30 seconds.
    It accepts video chat and returns text chat message ( in Japanese). I made “iChat AV Auto responder” in August 2003.
    But I don’t distribute it.

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