Tony Hawks Pro Emailer

The difference between Tony Hawk, pro skater, and Tony Hawks, pro comedian, is lost on some people. Luckily Tony Hawks isn’t one to suffer fools lightly.

6 thoughts on “Tony Hawks Pro Emailer

  1. I am in love with Tony Hawks,
    the man with the mystical fridge, the warmest
    sense of humour from the most handsome heart, and the soul of a true fool!
    He ain’t heavy ( you wanna bet!), he’s my brother!
    Wherever you are in this world on this planet,
    I love you Tony, dream of me on Sundays and any
    damn time you feel-like-it!
    truly, Sidonie

  2. whats up tony hawk hows it going. my name is danielle and I’m 18 years old.I have been skating for 8 years now and i just want to say whats up. Theres this trick that I have been trying to do but I just can’t land it hill flip if you can email me back that would be so cool peace.

  3. I love to skate bord and im your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you can e-mail me back just tell your s/n (screen name) member i love you

  4. i think u should come to castlgar and have a quick demo we just had a team here yesterdy.plz email me back and tell me what u think of my idea. c ya ur good fan joey

  5. u did aswome on ur boom boom huck jam .what do u think of josh evin ur way beter then him! remamber to think about bringin ur team to castlegar

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