Microsoft is stopping development of Outlook Express. (via Blogdex although /. has the story too). This comes on the heels of Microsoft quietly announcing that there won’t be any upgrades to IE for the current generation of Windows. I guess when you can’t buy new features (like it did with Internet Explorer) innovation dies.
Seriously, how can a modern browser not support pop-up blocking? How can a modern email client not have spam blocking? Microsoft seems like the guy who chases the unattainable girl, and when he finally gets her he gets bored and dumps her. Put that in your metaphor pipe and smoke it.

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  1. It’s pretty obvious that any “free” product from MS in any given category only exists as long as there’s a need to choke off competitors. If RealPlayer and Quicktime were to go away tomorrow, you could be sure that Windows Media Player would no longer be developed in any significant capacity. Why people continue to give these people money befuddles me.

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