Google has a new feature, the ~ operator which searches for synonyms of a word. This will be hella handy when searching for topics. The example search is browser ~help returns results that have the word browser and any of the words help, tips, guide, tutorials, FAQ, etc. (via which has some more fun ideas)
Google is one of those companies that always impresses me with their innovations. I believe that a company like Google is so good at what they do because they are privately held company. Without the constant worrying about growing to impress stockholders, the company can spend real time on research and not piss off their users to make a few extra bucks on banner ads.

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  1. Google is in no way free from the watchful eye of investors. Google is largely funded by venture capitalists, which can be even more brutal than stockholders because they own such large portions of the company. fortuneately, Google’s founders insisted on finding investors that were flexible enough to follow their management style.

    Also, being a publicly held company doesn’t mean innovation dies. Take a look a Apple.

  2. Rev. George says:

    Look who thinks he’s clever Dan, pointing out a perfect counterexample to my argument. What happened man? You used to be cool! You used to read Ad Busters and you raged against the machine way after the machine tried to make amends. You sold out, sellout.

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