called me an HTTP snob for saying I’d do this, but I don’t think it’s so bad. Duane recently started publishing his own RSS feed at so that I don’t have to. In response, I used .htaccess to redirect my URI to his with a 301 status code.
A 301 status code is a permanent redirect. That should tell the user agent to update any references to the URI that it can – i.e. bookmarks, homepages, hrefs in a page you’re editing, etc. If your user agent properly supports HTTP.
I’m thinking in a month or so I should take out the redirect and put an RSS feed that tells the viewer that their RSS aggregator sucks for not respecting HTTP. An entry that is constantly changing in small ways so it shows up… a lot…
In an effort to be a good citizen I’ll check the LiveJournal source code and submit a patch if it doesn’t support it before doing this.
[Update: 2003-08-02 I done wrote some code]

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