WDET-FM is webcasting again after running afoul of the new RIAA webcasting rules in February. It seems that the RIAA has convinced Congress to make the webcasting rules even more restrictive than the FCC’s broadcast regulations. The examples cited include not being able to broadcast more than 2 songs by the same artist in a row; that makes it kind of hard to do Liz Copeland’s weekly album spotlight on Sunday nights wherein she plays an album in its entirety.
Unfortunately, instead of getting the broken law fixed the DJs now have a kill switch for the webcast, so now there will be dead air two songs into the album spotlight. It sucks ideologically but pragmatically it’s awesome.

One response to “WDET Resumes Webcasting… Kind of”

  1. Steve Sulkanen says:

    Well surprise ! No matter how much crap gets produced by cokehead music execs, they begrudge the public much variety. Solution? but the older albums, share em and to hell with the greed of the ” music industry” ( in reality the industry for production of mediocrity and stagnation ) I gave up on radio.
    Steve S.

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