The Door Is Open (via freeform goodness)

Safari is good. Opera is good. Mozilla is good. People who go there, don’t go back. […] I think that if we are so foolish as to sit here for the next three to five years waiting for the Longhorn Browsing Experience, we’ll really regret it; but we’ll deserve what we get.

I’m constantly amazed when my computer literate friends use Internet Explorer. They have to deal with pop-up ads (all modern browsers have pop-up blockers) and they don’t get to use tabbed browsing (another feature of all modern browsers). If you’re not familiar with tabbed browsing it allows you to open multiple pages in the same window. It seems like a small thing at first, but it’s one of the reasons why “people who go there, don’t go back.” Try it for a week and then tell me that it doesn’t change the way you use the web, says that living without tabs is like living without sex.
You shouldn’t infer from my previous paragraph that only the geeks can use these modern browsers, they are as simple to use as all getout. If you’re using Windows check out Mozilla or it’s svelte cousin Firebird (née Phoenix); if you’re on OS X try Safari or the Mozilla-based Camino (née Chimera). If you’re using Internet Explorer, please try a new browser for a week, you’ll be doing the Internet a favor.

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