I have the Tivo unit and i think it’s one of the best things i ever bought. I hate watching comercials over and over again. They drive me nuts! Plus the comercials today are so dumb… I have a 40hr hard drive and boy do i load it up with shows too, so i can skip every comercial i can! It helps me keep my sanity. That remote is in hand the whole time i watch Tivo. I never watch regular tv anymore. Thanks to Tivo i watch what i want when i want. To be honest. Most of the comercials that come on don’t intrest me in the least. Why should i be made to watch them! Every where you go today, someone is trying to stick something in your face to buy. All i can say is thanks Tivo for helping me keep my sanity. I call Tivo my computer for the telivision because realy, thats what it is. It enhances my cable to get more out of it.