The SEMiSLUG meeting tonight should be really good for anyone in Ann Arbor doing stuff with the web. They got Lou Rosenfeld to speak about information architecture for the world wide web, which is good because he literally wrote the book on the subject. These meetings are largely inhabited by Unix sysadmins, but tonight’s is an excellent opportunity for any web folk to hear a smart guy talk. See you there.

SEMiSLUG/Usen*x Meeting: 7:30PM, Thursday, 12 June 2003, at
The Kiva Conference Center. Directions are at the bottom.
The meeting agenda:
o Welcome and Abuse of New Members
o Administrivia
o The Question Session
o “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web”
with Lou Rosenfeld
o Answer Session
o Rumors and Innuendo
o The Post-Meeting Meeting at the Grizzly Peak Brewing Company.
Grizzly Peak is located at 120 W. Washington Street, downtown
Ann Arbor, half a block west of Main.
Please send topic suggestions and speaker recommendations to
Becki Kain (, Mike O’Connor (,
and/or Gabe Helou (
* * *
The Kiva Conference Center is located at:
3600 Green Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Scott Colcord, our host, describes the directions as follows:
Green Court isn’t on the mapping websites I checked, but Green Road is;
you want to go to Green Road just south of Plymouth Rd, west of US23.
Green Court is an industrial park drive on the east side of Green Road.
Turn into the drive, and keep left at the intersection. The building you
want will be on the right. Park here and come in; the building manager
says he’ll set the locks to stay open for us. The KIVA conference room
is just inside the front doors, on the left.
For those that remember when Becki Kain worked at ERIM, this is the old
ERIM building.
A map is available at
for those unfamiliar with the northeast reaches of Ann Arbor.
— Gabe

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