Holy Zombie SOCOM: U. S. Navy Seals is awesome. I never liked Counter Strike for the same reason that my Tribes teams always lost: I hate typeing while I’m playing a first person shooter. The action is too fast, you can’t be typing all the time. Without teamwork and coordination, though, your team will invariably lose against a more communicative team. Tribes made it easier, with its map/waypoint setup, allowing someone to command everyone to their waypoints for some sembelance of a strategy.
SOCOM fixes all of that by including a headset that integrates perfectly with the game. Suddenly your teammates are actual people, and they congratulate you on a nice shot or bitch about that cheating llama can go to hell. The voice quality is OK at best, but that adds to the realism by sounding like a radio and occasionally cutting out. At least that’s how I explain it away. I imagine the Xbox port of Counter Strike will be even better, due to Live’s better voice technology.
The gameplay is tight, once you get the controls working for you. I play a few FPS on my PS2 and I need to strafe with my forward/backward control, and look/rotate with my right control. It’s weird that it took me 3 or 4 tries to get the right setting, but that speaks more to my hurried configuration than the game itself.
I haven’t played much of the offline game, so I can’t speak to it, but if you have a broadband NIC for your PS2, I highly recommend this one.

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