It looks like Mad Catz is taking a cue from BroadQ and releasing an MP3 player for the Playstation 2.
Mad Catz to Release Audio, Video Software for PS2

San Diego-based Mad Catz said the GameShark Media Player would turn Sony Corp’s console, when combined with Sony’s networking adapter, into a playback device for MP3 and OGG audio files, MPEG and DivX video files, and JPEG and PNG photographic files.
Mad Catz said the software would also support HDTV displays and offer “trick-play” functionality like fast-forward and rewind. Priced at $49.95, it is set to go on sale in mid-June.

Meanwhile, fast-forwarding and rewinding is still a pending feature for the Qcast. I’d think that they were releasing a rebranded Qcast Tuner if it weren’t for the HDTV support and fast-forwarding. Maybe this will be stable enough to use (and while they’re at it, provide an open source server?).

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